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Elopement couple during their day in OKC

So you decided to ditch the traditional wedding day…

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter
weddings and hello to a photo
experience tailored just for you. 

I specialize in photographing micro-weddings and elopements, helping couples like you create intentional memories that reflect your truest selves so that you can fully experience the best day of your life.

Micro Wedding + Elopement Photographer OKC + Beyond

Intimate wedding in Oklahoma City at Daffodil Hill
Couple eats during their elopement in OKC
Couples session in Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Adventure elopement photographer | Lexi Hoebing
LGBTQ friendly wedding photographer in OKC
If a “typical wedding” doesn’t sound like you… it doesn’t have to be. It’s your wedding day, you make the rules.
Sounds like you’re more than ready to:

  • Ditch the stress and hassle of a traditional wedding day, pleasing everyone else
  • Stop doom-scrolling through weddings that don’t feel like you
  • Celebrate the way YOU want, creating a day of love, intention, and fun
  • Focus on what really matters—you two.

Consider me your non-traditional wedding cheerleader! 

Good to meet you, I’m Lexi

Photo Nerd

Cheese Lover

Your Photographer

AND elopement aficionado

A photo nerd, a mid-century furniture nut, and oh, yes, a photographer who is obsessed with co-creating wedding experiences that feel personalized instead of cheesy (even though I love cheese).

Lexi Hoebing, an OKC Elopement Photographer
My work is proudly featured in:

Where “screw it, let’s elope” meets deluxe wedding experience

A couple poses during their night time wedding portraits
Engagement photo session in OKC

Just picture it:

A wedding day that feels less like a production, and more like the joy you have when you’re together.

A day where every moment feels intentional, and everything you do together feels so “you.” Whether it’s a celebration ins your backyard, I-do’s at your favorite brewery, or soaking in a scenic outdoor location together, I’m here to capture your day as it unfolds and give you the space to turn your vision into reality.

⊹ Photos that feel like bottling up the pure joy of experiencing life together ⊹
Couple kissing after their OKC Elopement
Broken Bow Cabin Photos

The vibes I’m going for

I don’t just document moments; I weave together the threads of emotion, details, anticipation, and joy to create a beautiful narrative that reflects the essence of your wedding day.

Capturing those fleeting things that unfold quietly—a gentle touch, a knowing look, an inside joke—the small moments that are a big part of your relationship. Unposed, real interactions are where it’s at. No stuffy, awkward photos here. I want you to be able to look at your photos and feel every moment together.

Creating space for you two to be the absolute freest, most authentic versions of yourselves to celebrate your wedding day—after all, that’s who you are when you’re together.

A couple at their intimate wedding
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Let’s break free from the wedding humdrum
and turn the day you’ve been imagining into reality.

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