Jodi + Daniel | OKC Summer Engagement Session

September 5, 2014

I’ve known Daniel And Jodi for a few years, at least ever since we worked at Chili’s together, you know, back in the day. Since their wonderful time at Chili’s they’ve moved on to bigger, better things, and have definitely grown in their relationship with one another. When Daniel surprised Jodi with a new desk name plate and a proposal on Valentine’s Day of this year, they both knew it was right. (And she said yes!) I was so excited when Jodi contacted me about having their photos done; I was so happy they decided to spend forever together and I was so happy to see these two again! I was reminded of how absolutely fun these two are to be around, they’re both goofballs like me. We explored Midtown, downtown OKC and a few neighborhoods before heading out to Mustang, OK to a beautiful ranch that Jodi’s family owns, which is also where they will hold their ceremony next May. I loved this shoot (They brought a motorcycle! Pretty badass, if you ask me.) and was so happy they gave me the opportunity to take their photos. You can see how crazy they are about each other below!