Hiking | Comanche Venable Loop Trail | Westcliffe, CO

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything personal. Today I took some time between editing weddings to go back and work on some of the photos I took from our last hiking trip back in September. I’ve been wanting to share these for a while, but you know that joke about how photographers have thousands of images that sit around forever un-edited if someone isn’t paying for them? Well, it’s true.
But anyways, here are some of my favorites from our trip. Zach and I stopped on the way in to try to take some decent photos of ourselves with the beautiful Colorado scenery, but it was crazy windy and about 40 degrees outside. Luckily for our hike the weather was better. And we didn’t get snows/hailed/rained on this time! We hiked the Comanche Venable Loop trail and got to climb up Phantom Terrace (which isn’t all that scary like I thought it may be). It’s so beautiful. All in all, about a 12 mile trek, and breathtaking views. We finished the trail only to drive an hour to the nearest Wendy’s and consume our burned calories. It was fun and I really love just being new places with Zach. Who I should also give credit to for taking some of these beautiful photos. I hope I get to share more photos like this with you soon, as I have tons just sitting around. But for now, enjoy.

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