Hiking Mt. Huron | Colorado

If you know a photographer personally, you know all of our personal photos are constantly on the backburner waiting to be edited among weddings and other portraits. Which we love, too. Today I dug up some of my favorite photos from a trip I took to Colorado last June with my boyfriend Zach and our good friends (also named) Zach and Heather. It was my first time hiking a fourteener, and man was it great. You’ll see what I’m talking about below. Located just outside of Buena Vista in the western part of Colorado, Huron provided an amazing view of the Rockies. Our friend Zach is a pretty big hiking nut, and I’m amazed every time about how much he knows about mountains in Colorado. He could tell you far more about them and which ones are in the photos below, but I’ll let you enjoy the photos of beautiful Mt. Huron and the peaks surrounding.

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