Downtown Ft. Worth Engagement Session | Beers and laughs with Taylor and Jose

October 10, 2018

I met up with Taylor and Jose to begin our session at the Flying Saucer in downtown Ft. Worth — a really cool and large mostly outdoor bar with hundreds of unique beers on tap. These two started their relationship by going to see a lot of movies at the theatre down the street from this bar. They would end up here afterwards, talking, joking, spending evenings; and to hear Jose and Taylor tell it, it’s the place where they connected and got to know each other better over their favorite sour beer.

We wandered around the vibrant and colorful downtown area of Ft. Worth and went to the beautiful TCU campus — another place where Jose and Taylor found themselves hanging out together throughout their first year of dating.

I’m excited to see these two again in March to celebrate their wedding day — and perhaps have a sour beer together — for now, enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session below!