I’m Lexi!

I’m obsessed with small, intentional weddings and elopements right here in oklahoma

That’s me… And you?

You are the person who’s invested in memories, found your best friend, and are (finally) stepping into the next chapter of your lives together… And maybe not sure where to start. 

Being with your person makes you feel safe, seen, warm, and fuzzy—it’s the space where you can be unapologetically yourself.

My website might say “micro wedding and elopements” but what I really specialize in is connection and celebrating love in a way that feels authentic to you—so you can be yourself, be present, and really soak in your wedding day together.

Whether that’s in your backyard, your favorite patio where you had your first date, or a place you vacationed together, I’m here to help you make it magical. And, a lot of couples who feel the way you do don’t even realize the possibilities Oklahoma has to offer!

Me and MY best friend!

Here’s what I’m all about:

As an elopement photographer, I am wholeheartedly dedicated to helping couples create experiences that feel truly like them.

A few years ago, I noticed a HUGE gap in the wedding industry, especially here in Oklahoma…there were so many couples who didn’t want a big, lavish wedding day, who don’t feel “traditional”, and who simply didn’t see what they want out there, but craved the luxury experience of having those gorgeous wedding photos and a laid-back experience to focus on what really matters… getting married to your best friend.

That’s when I realized there were so many couples out there who longed for a totally different type of wedding experience. And I knew I needed to be a resource for everything that’s possible here in Oklahoma!

Here’s the thing, I get it—I really do. When I was planning my own wedding, the thought of a huge venue and making our day public made Zach and I cringe. We knew we wanted to create a day that felt intimate and true to who we are as a couple. So, we traded the elaborate setup for a cozy cabin weekend in Colorado, surrounded by our closest family and friends. It was absolutely perfect for us, and we still talk about how incredible it was.

Now, my purpose is to ensure every couple experiences that same joy and connection on their special day.

I want you to indulge in yourselves, invest in the experience, and create memories that you’ll keep talking about for years and years. It will be SO worth it, I promise—and I want to be there for you every step of the way!

SO, what’s it like to work together on your wedding day?

So relaxed, so easy — oh, and fun!

On your day, I love working with a “documentary style” approach, which is fancy words for “I’ll never awkwardly pose you or set up moments that don’t feel like you.”

I like to make you feel comfortable with me before your wedding day even begins, so all you have to focus on is each other and letting your day unfold naturally.

When it comes to my approach to photography, it’s all about trust, connection, and having such a good time, that you forget there’s a camera around. There will always be direction for you, something to do with your hands, and there will always be a cheese pun or two. 🧀

I’m good at this—my work is proudly featured in:

“This isn’t just a job for her, she takes the time to get to know not just what the couple wants, but who they are.

Hiring Lexi is like hiring your best friend who happens to be an amazing photographer and wants your pictures and your day to be just as amazing.

A few lil’ fun facts about me…

After all, this is to make sure I’m really the fun redhead you want at your wedding, right?

  • Leo and a people please (as if you couldn’t tell!)
  • My favorite artists of all time are The National, Red Hot Chili Peppers & Queens of the Stone Age… it’s hard to choose just 3
  • Very obsessed with Frasier.
  • Did I mention I like cheese? I even have a cheese-shaped camera!
  • Law & Order is my guilty pleasure show… This is an Elliot Stabler household.
  • Name it, I’ve probably traveled there! 23 countries and counting!
  • Food is how I tell people I love them. I love making pasta & baked goods.
  • I’m a graphic designer and I love clean, minimalist things and fonts. Can you ever purchase too many fonts? I don’t think so.
  • I had a micro wedding myself, so I know firsthand how hard it can be to find resources on it. I do not regret our decision ONE bit. Best day ever.
  • Big believer in love for everyone. I photograph any couple no matter your race, gender, orientation, beliefs, size, or ability.

Yes, the red hair is natural. Yes, I have also gone every shade of red there is.

“She truly captured the love and community of our wedding day.

Lexi did an incredible job with our photos. She was so easy to work with and made us feel comfortable.”

-Hannah + Elizabeth

An absolutely magical,

made-for-you wedding experience is waiting for you

Ready to do this?