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Intimate Backyard Wedding in Tulsa | Kendal + Tyler

A Two-Day Celebration with an Intimate Backyard Ceremony in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rolling with the Punches

The day of Kendal + Tyler’s wedding day… it was an absolute downpour. Kendal and Tyler had planned on a backyard wedding at Tyler’s family property under two pines, which by this point were soaked. When I met Kendal and her family getting ready at the hotel however, I found everyone collected, calm, totally stress-free, and simply happy to be starting the day together. This was a good sign. Luckily, Tyler’s parents have a beautiful, covered porch that their immediate family gathered to see them married. I am happy it worked out this way. Something about the sound of rain falling in the background and family gathered close made this very intimate, emotional, and memorable.

Afterwards, family gathered around Kendal and Tyler to share toasts, stories, and well wishes, followed by dinner together as the sun went down with the sound of rainfall. Kendal, Tyler and both of their families welcomed me in the kindest way and being around them and the loving energy they had all day was just so wonderful.

Day Two

On day 2, Kendal and Tyler celebrated at The Bond in downtown Tulsa with even more of their family and all of their friends. There’s a funny story about day 2 — you see, I was pretty much left to my own devices for most of the day, as my coverage didn’t start until 6:00 pm. So, I bounced around a few Tulsa bars, reading a book and relaxing until I began. I had been sitting at Hodges Bend, a bar about a block from where I needed to be in an hour and a half. I was debating on ordering another cocktail when Kendal and Tyler walk in, already dressed in their wedding reception clothes, wanting a cocktail before things began. It was perfect and at that point, I knew we were set to be friends.

Your Wedding Day Your Way

Weddings like these really reaffirm why I love what I’m doing. When two people surround themselves with family and radiate so much welcoming and kindness, it’s infectious. Seeing Kendal and Tyler focus their energy on marrying each other and spending time with their family really made me remember what weddings are all about, and why I’m so passionate about couples deciding to do their day their own way. From backyard weddings to swanky shindigs, making it about you and not worrying about the small details is way you’ll truly enjoy you day.

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