Emotional Breckenridge Mountain Elopement

A Wedding and an Elopement in Colorado

It’s taken me almost a year to blog these images from Jessica and Damian’s Breckenridge elopement, but we’re here now! Strap in, folks. I can’t wait to share with you the wedding day of my dear friends, Jessica and Damian.

Jessica and Damian were married the day after Zach and I. Here’s the story: We have been friends for a long time, and we were all engaged at the same time. In our conversations about wedding plans and the future, Damian and Jessica knew that they wanted something intimate, adventurous, and just for the two of them. Knowing we were all already headed to Breckenridge for Zach and I’s wedding weekend, an idea was formed… Well… that wasn’t a roller coaster of a story, but it was a roller coaster of emotions seeing two of our best friends married, and my NEW husband the one to perform their ceremony for them.

Doing things differently

During our wedding, Jessica and Damian brought along wedding clothes “just in case,” but I think they both knew that being in the mountains would feel right. And on the day of, it felt incredibly right — the rain and fog kept what is typically a bustling trail absolutely empty of all other people. It was just the mountains, the fog cascading over the snowy peaks onto the lake, and us. The break in the rain that day seemed to be just for them.

A weekend of memories

It just added so much to an already amazing time in Colorado to see them married. It was just a very special thing to be able to share a weekend like this together with some of your best friends. When we went to pick up our respective marriage licenses from the Summit County courthouse, I remember there was little marriage book that you could sign that goes back years, and we got to all sign the same page. We’ll be there together in Breckenridge in a marriage book for years. It tied up a really great weekend and I will always treasure it. For now, enjoy these photos from their epic elopement in the mountains.

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