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Elopement vs. Wedding | What is an elopement?

How to decide which is right for you

If you’re struggling between the options for your wedding day, you might have a lot of questions … What is an elopement? What is considered a “traditional” wedding What’s the difference? How do you choose? Why should I even consider an elopement vs wedding?

Oklahoma elopement

A lot of couples I talk with are asking these same questions and are wondering if a traditional wedding is right for them, or if they want to do things differently. Elopements have skyrocketed in popularity lately and have given many couples an alternative to traditional weddings, but what’s so great about them? What’s the difference, and more importantly, which is right for you two and your wedding day?

There’s been a ton of stigma surrounding elopements before they started becoming popular in blogs, and it seems some of our families still envision an elopement as being married by Elvis in a drive thru wedding chapel (which sounds pretty cool if we’re being totally honest.) I’m here to shed some light on the differences between weddings and elopements, and to hopefully get you and your partner to question your intentions on your wedding day in regards to traditions. Should you have a wedding just because everyone says you should? Or do you want a big wedding day? Identifying your intentions and what YOU want is the first (and sometimes toughest) step to having your dream wedding day. So let’s dive in!

How to elope in Oklahoma

So what is the difference?

Simply put, the biggest difference in elopement vs wedding is probably the number of people present. An elopement is typically 5 people or less. (You two, me, an officiant, and a witness, depending on the state you get married in.) Elopements in general are more private, and have the flexibility to be more spontaneous and adventurous. When you don’t have an entire guest list in tow, you can pretty much hike anywhere! A traditional wedding day, or even an intimate wedding day I would consider anything over 5 people. Your immediate family, your friends, or even 150 of your friends!

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