2024 Couples Session pricing

So glad you’re here!

I love that you’re considering a couples’ session with me! Trust me, you’re in for a laid-back, fun, and meaningful experience that’s all about celebrating your uniqueness and connecting with your person. ❤️

I really believe that couples’ sessions should reflect who you are —No forced poses, cheesy smiles, or weird props here! I’m all about capturing the authentic, unscripted moments that define your relationship and make you feel at home together.

why I simply love being a wedding photographer…

Over the last six years of documenting wedding days, I’ve discovered how passionate I am about being a part of personal, intentional weddings and serving and connecting with couples who share the same values as me, whether they’re getting married in a bar or on a mountain together.

I love wedding days when couples can really focus on themselves, have the space and freedom for their personalities to shine through each other, and where we create an experience unlike anything else.

I honestly believe that wedding days should be so much more than other people’s wants for you, decorations or trinkets. I believe that how you get married matters. Finding love, being able to share new things, and being your truest self with another person is so special—it deserves to be celebrated!

This is way more than a photo shoot.

When you work with me, you’re getting someone who cares about your experience and memories, provides invaluable resources, and has your back every step of the way!

This is not just a little photo session—it’s an experience for you two, it’s time to connect, it’s time to simply *be* together. I’ll be there to document all the fun, magic, and romance along the way. 😉

  • I’ll be your professional, reliable photo resource.
  • All couples are welcome—this is a safe space for you to be your truest self.
  • I will be transparent and open with you, and answer any questions you have along the way.
  • I’ll be your champion to do your photo session the way you want!
  • I will show you lots of photos of my dog. 😉


Couples’ & engagement sessions

Indulge in a photo experience that revolves around you.

Engagement & couples sessions | $600

Connection, fun, oh, and kick-ass photos of you two.

These sessions are for any couple who wants to take the time to be together and reflect on this chapter in your lives—Whether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, having a fun session ahead of your wedding day, or just want to capture the love you have for each other, these sessions are a chance to honor and cherish those moments.

2-2.5 hours of session time

All of your edited photos, delivered in a hi-res gallery

2-3 Locations in the OKC Metro

Want some cutie keepsakes? Add a Polaroid package for $100.

The Polaroid package includes all your photos and a custom keepsake insert album to store them in!

Curious about my wedding coLLections?

Looking for a wedding collection with everything? I have that! Select collections include a complimentary engagement session.

“she made it such a wonderful experience! She helped us brainstorm the perfect locations for the city date-night look we were going for, and we had so much fun! And love the photos! Thank you, Lexi!”

-Dianne + nate

Questions, anyone?

If I had a dollar every time I heard this, well… I wouldn’t have this job anymore. 😂 See all the lovely couples on this page and sprinkled all over my website? They’ve all said something similar, and look how amazing they look in love!
You two are going to look way hot, and your session will be all about capturing your unique connection as a couple. You’re going to do great, you got this, and I’ll always let you know what to do with your hands.

Each couple’s session is entirely unique, so I don’t provide a set amount of photos. I provide all the very best hand-picked, hand-edited photos. I promise you will have a hard time choosing your favorites!

Absolutely! Nothing is more fun than traveling to a place that is meaningful to you or you’ve wanted to visit together. Sessions outside of the OKC metro will incur a travel fee—generally, in-state locations vary from $100-$200, and locations across the US or internationally vary by location. Let’s go, my passport is ready!

Due to wedding weekends, these sessions happen on weeknights about 2 hrs from sunset time. If you need a Friday or Saturday date, just let me know! I can always check my calendar.

This is Oklahoma so… Good question. I’ll always allow for rescheduling due to weather, and typically if there is severe weather, temperatures over 90 degrees, extreme wind, or temperatures under 40 degrees, I will always recommend rescheduling to ensure your comfort during our session.

If you’ve never had photos taken together before, it’s natural to feel a little nervous! I do everything I can to make sure you’re comfortable before our session even begins. I take the time to get to know you two with a fun questionnaire and make recommendations on locations and activities that feel *you*, so that by the time there’s a camera around, all you’ll have to do is enjoy just being together. I’ll give you lots of natural direction, so it feels more like a casual (albeit romantic) hangout with your person.

The sky is the limit here! I’ve photographed sessions in wine bars, record stores, ice cream shops, and even in a canoe on a lake! It’s all about locations that are meaningful to you, or feel like places you; ‘d normally spend time at together. And if you aren’t sure where to go—don’t worry, I have lots of recommendations around the city!

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