enter stage right: reality.

Hot on the heels of the well wishes comes the debut of the dreaded wedding planning questions:

Which state will you have the ceremony in? (Your mother will have an opinion on this.) Outdoor or indoor? If outdoor, then you must get married in this month … You don’t already have your wedding party figured out? Well, you just have to do a DJ … Chicken or beef?

Long lost “Uncle” Jim wants to come. Aunt Sally really can’t be seated next to so and so. Your babysitter from years ago obviously needs an invite, you don’t want to be rude. The caterer is asking who is gluten free. The venue needs a security deposit …

Before you know it, your bliss is giving way to stress. Without realizing how, other people – family, friends, blogs, the big wedding industry, Aunt Sally – have more control over you and your partner’s wedding day than you do.

Wasn’t this supposed to be just about the two of you?

Here’s the solution I am offering you right now:

Ask yourself, what would you and your partner love to do on your wedding day?

Then do it.

I give you permission to throw the antiquated “wedding rulebook” out the window! I am here to help you design a wedding day that is so ridiculously about what's special and meaningful to you and your partner – and to capture every glorious moment.

You’ve already taken the biggest leap of all, falling in love and making it a forever commitment. You can and should make this leap too.

let's do this day differently

let's do this.

Before we say, “I do,” are we a good fit?

My goal for anyone I work with is not only for all of our photo sessions together to be amazing, but for this entire wedding process to be so easy you don't even think of it as a "process."

That's why I provide a unique, high level of service for every one of my couples, and it starts from the day you shoot me an email.

When it comes to my approach to photography, it’s all about trust and connection. I want to capture those photos you’ll love forever and make your sessions the stuff of fairytales. I want you to come out of this experience seeing what you love about your partner. Feeling butterflies. Your cheeks aching from smiling so hard.

We’re going to do the things you two love and create an experience together that’s fun, relaxed, and full of love + connection. And yes, beer and pizza can most definitely be on the menu.

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this really is fun - promise!

My main focus during sessions, the wedding day, even communication, is that my couples are happy and having a good time. This is why connection is important to me: when you're comfortable around someone, you let your guard down a little. And when that happens, you become more natural and more relaxed – even around a camera. I'll bet by the end of your session or your wedding day you'll be pretty amazed at how easy and fun it was.

I've got a wedding brain for ya

As someone who has danced at hundreds of weddings, I know quite a bit about them. How to save in certain areas, where to get permits, who makes wheel of cheese towers instead of cakes (yes that is a thing), the list goes on ... My couples receive my guidebook with tons of helpful information when it comes to planning, and I'm always a call or email away to help with anything else to make your wedding day as kick ass as you are.

photos are the thing that will last

Plain and simple, photography is the only thing that lasts beyond your wedding day. It makes me sad when couples who bargain hunted for this service tell me they regret it. I tend to be frugal myself, so I love a good deal, but this is different: This is about understanding the value of photographs. Your wedding photos are something that will only increase in value over time as they're passed down. Don't skimp on that.

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