Garden Party-Inspired Wedding at Daffodil Hill

Callie and Steve hosted the most magical wedding at Daffodil Hill, a beautiful venue in Bethany, Oklahoma, and were joined by a small group of their closest people who couldn’t wait to support them. Their day was laid-back, stress-free, and had all the charming vibes of an outdoor garden party—when they told me their vision, I said count me in immediately!

Callie + Steve’s Garden Party Wedding at Daffodil Hill

How these two sweethearts met

I’m a sucker for a cute love story, and boy do these two have one (and of course, you’re going to hear it before we dive into their wedding day). Let me set the scene: Callie has just moved to a new city and is looking for somebody to help her with behavioral training for her pup. She’s searching all over Google, and up pops Steve, a local dog trainer who looks like a good match. These two meet up for a training session, and Steve thinks to himself the entire time that Callie is the prettiest, sweetest, kindest client he’d ever had—and can’t thinking about her afterward. After the training is over, he waits a “professional amount of time” (his words!) to reach out to Callie to ask her on a date, and fortunately for him, it turns out the feeling was mutual. Callie also thought her dog trainer was cute, patient, and kind, and the rest was history! Now, they live in OKC with their blended dog family and are living their absolute best life together. I’m obsessed with their dog training meet-cute!

An intimate celebration with their most special people

When I asked Callie and Steve what part of their wedding day they were most excited for, they answered right away that they couldn’t wait to spend a laid-back, easy-going day with the people they loved most. They hadn’t seen some of their guests in years, so they really wanted to put together a fun, effortless event in a beautiful garden setting where everyone could come together and relax after their travels, and enjoy this special time together. I’d say they were pretty successful in reaching that goal!

Whimsical, laid-back garden party vibes

When I tell you that Callie and Steve chose the most perfect venue for the garden party vibe they were envisioning, I mean the most perfect venue. Immaculate. Flawless. Choosing the right venue is a huge part of bringing your dream wedding day to life, especially if you have a certain vision or theme you’re going for; for example, they couldn’t have chosen a modern, industrial venue in downtown OKC if they wanted a light and airy, garden party vibe. Fortunately, they indeed did not choose an industrial venue in downtown OKC—they went with a venue a little further out in Bethany, called Daffodil Hill.

I’ll tell you a little more about the venue itself toward the end of this blog post, but for now I just want to drool over the atmosphere that Callie and Steve created for their big day at Daffodil Hill! For starters, they both dressed to impress—and to match the whimsical garden setting. Callie wore a gorgeous, light & flow dress that featured an elegant lacy top & a tulle skirt, paired with a set of minimalist nude heels. And she even brought a little bit of that garden theme into her look, with a dainty floral hairpiece and dangly floral + pearl earrings! Steve showed up and showed off with a deep olive green suit, a salmon-colored tie, and a boutoinniere that matched the day’s floral arrangements. I’m not sure who ever said you can’t wear green to a garden party, because Steve seriously proved that wrong here.

Everything else about this wedding was just as full of romance and whimsy, from the outdoor dance floor checkered with grass squares & beneath string lights, to the sprawling bouquets full of fresh greenery and light-pink blooms, to the evening dinner in the open-air pavilion. You truly can never go wrong with a pink & green color palette, especially when you’re at a lush, greenery-filled venue like this. P.S. they even had a gal playing a harp during their ceremony. What’s more magical than that?

Breaking tradition for a more personalized day

Another aspect of Callie and Steve’s wedding that really made it stand out to me: instead of going with tradition for every decision they made, they opted instead to choose things that felt more “them.” We’re talking cheesecake instead of cake, tacos over traditional catering (a literal taco bus), and an intimate gathering with their closest people rather than a big party with everyone they knew. They told me that the planning process was fairly stress-free, because their focus was really on doing things in the ways that felt truest to them, versus trying to cater to others or fit into a box they didn’t want to fit into. This was so obvious throughout the entire day, as they spent the time enjoying every little moment they’d created together—I hope this encourages you to do the same!

And I’ll leave you with a snippet from their sneak peek gallery review that just made my heart burst: 

“Oh my gosh, this made us laugh and cry and we loved it so much!!!! Took us right back to the day. What an amazing job you did and we’re so excited to see the rest. Thank you so much!!”

I told you: these are the sweetest humans ever! Enjoy looking through their wedding day!

Oklahoma wedding vendors

Venue: Daffodil Hill | @daffodilhillokc
Desserts: Not Cho Cheesecake | @notchocheesecake
Bartending: Tiny Bubbles | @tinybubblesokc
Florals: Curbside Flowers | @curbsideflowers
Live music: Jessica Tate
Taco truck: Taco Nation | @taconationokc 

About Daffodil Hill, an Indoor & Outdoor Oklahoma Wedding Venue

If you’re totally in love with the idea of a whimsical wedding like this one, and are now about to head straight to Pinterest to find garden party wedding inspo, hold up! Let me tell you a little more about this spectacular wedding venue first, in case it’s a match for your big day like it was for Callie and Steve’s 🙂 

Located in the heart of Bethany, OKC, Daffodil Hill is the perfect spot to host your intimate wedding in a gorgeous, romantic, and carefully-curated outdoor venue. With space for up to 86 people, a beautiful water fountain, and manicured courtyard gardens, it’s truly the most enchanting place to tie the knot. You’ll feel like you’re in your own little Disney fairytale world! In addition to the whimsical outdoor spaces, you’ll have access to indoor spots such as the 100-year-old cottage on the property, as well as suites to get ready in. 

Daffodil Hill wedding packages start at $2,000 for weekday wedding rentals and intimate weddings with under 30 guests, and increase from there for weekend weddings + larger celebrations. It’s truly a venue that has something for everyone, and that can host any type of wedding day (as long as you have under 86 guests)!

Can you tell that I’m head-over-heels in love with this venue? I’d love nothing more than to photograph your Daffodil Hill wedding—you can take a peek at my wedding and elopement pricing here, and reach out to me here when you’re ready to start planning your day at this dreamy venue!

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