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Micro Weddings: What You Need to Know

Since the beginning of the pandemic, micro weddings have taken off in popularity and become an industry buzzword. But what exactly are micro weddings? What makes them different from “regular” weddings and why have they become so popular? 

Essentially, a micro wedding is a much more intimate affair. It typically involves less than fifty wedding guests, though it often still includes all the wedding traditions we know (though, they certainly don’t have to!). The pandemic really did spur the rise of this kind of event, purely for practical reasons! Inviting fewer guests allows for more thorough infection control and lessens the risk of a superspreader event. More and more, however, couples have also been realizing that huge weddings just aren’t worth the stress. They would rather their day be intentional and full of quality time with the ones they love most.

While these have been the most significant factors in favor of micro weddings, there are plenty more reasons why it’s worth considering having a micro wedding! 

Everything you need to know about micro weddings


What immediately comes to mind when you think of a big wedding? Probably all of the weird traditions that couples feel obligated to make a part of their day, just because people expect them. Conversely, with a micro wedding, all of those constraints and expectations go right out the window. When the only people you invite are the ones who really know you and your partner, you automatically grant yourself the freedom to think outside the box and execute all of your fun and creative ideas. No tight schedule, no relatives you hardly know waiting to be entertained, no formalities, and no comparisons to other people’s weddings. Just the freedom to make your day unique and 100% true to you.

Pros of micro weddings


Does the idea of paying for a plated dinner for 200 guests make you clutch your wallet in fear? Then it’s all good because you don’t have to! Inviting fewer guests means that you get to avoid blowing your entire wedding budget on one dinner. Plus, you’ll likely have money left over to make those that you’ve chosen to invite feel special.

When it comes down to it, you should portion out your wedding budget as you see fit—on what you think is important, not anyone else. And, from a purely practical standpoint, a wedding of 20 guests is always going to cost much less than a wedding of 100 guests.

Why you should have a micro wedding

Reduce Stress, Planning, and Time

Similarly, an event with 20 guests will take much less time to plan than an event with hundreds of guests, and less time spent planning equals less stress. You won’t have nearly as many invites to send out or as many menu choices to arrange. You’ll be able to purchase fewer favors (or even none at all) and smaller quantities of all your decor for the day. Just like that, your to-do list a mile long can be cut in half or even completely eliminated. All it takes is to reduce your guest list to VIPs only!

Unique Spaces

If traditional wedding venues aren’t your taste, consider a micro wedding. A smaller amount of guests will allow you the opportunity to exchange your vows almost anywhere! For example, it would be absolute chaos for a hundred guests to cram into your favorite cozy neighborhood wine bar—but with 20 guests, it’s easy and so much fun.

If you have your sights set on an unconventional space for your wedding, it’s also important to consider that a low guest count is more likely to get you a “yes.” Bars, libraries, and AirBnBs, to name a few, don’t want hundreds of people trashing their facilities, but it is very possible that they will be okay with a small event happening there. Because of that, your wedding can be incredibly unique! Ever imagined having your wedding at your favorite local plant store? This couple I recently shot did, and the result was absolutely gorgeous!

Unique intimate wedding venues Unique intimate wedding venues

More (and Better) Quality Time With Your Guests

Eloping, while also on the rise, isn’t for everyone. If that’s you, having a micro wedding can be the perfect middle ground between eloping and having a traditional wedding. You won’t have to stress yourself out with a huge party or with trying to please other people. But, you can still have your favorite people present and enjoy a day just for you and for them! It’s a win-win! Fewer people present also means…

No Nerves

Maybe you’re an introvert who would be absolutely drained by interacting with hundreds of guests. Or, maybe you just hate public speaking—especially the variety that involves baring your soul in handwritten vows in front of rows upon rows of people. Either way, micro weddings are great for avoiding discomfort and just enjoying yourself. And that’s all you should really be doing on your wedding day anyway!

Everything you need to know about micro weddings

Ultimately, what makes micro weddings great is that they are all about you, your partner, and what you both want out of your day. They allow you the space and freedom to reflect on what your day actually signifies, all while enjoying the presence of your closest friends and family.

Shooting micro weddings is my favorite, so if you’re planning one here in Oklahoma/the OKC area, I’d love to hear from you! Send me an inquiry here and we’ll get in touch in no time. Meanwhile, you can check out my portfolio of micro weddings and elopements!

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