Unique Oklahoma City Engagement with Zach + Misty

There is truly nothing I love more than when a couple says “we trust you!” and is so down to just flow with whatever wild ideas I throw at them. Yes, your engagement photos should be all about the two of you and what you’re envisioning, but there’s a reason you’re hiring a professional—to take some of that hard work off your plate + bring their creative ideas to elevate your session. That’s why Zach and Misty’s Oklahoma City engagement session was one of the most fun I’ve ever shot, and by far one of the most unique! It had a little bit of everything: laid-back, date night vibes at an arcade, grassy fields at sunset, and even some lantern-filled night portraits in a canoe. Yep, you heard me right: a canoe. With lanterns. At night.

I hope that Zach and Misty’s engagement inspires you to plan a session that feels completely and utterly you, and encourages you to think outside of the box a little.

Zach + Misty’s Unique Engagement Session in Oklahoma City

Playful arcade engagement photos at Up-Down OKC

I’m a big fan of couples incorporating things they love (hobbies, passions, styles, etc.) into their engagement session; it allows your photos to be so effortlessly authentic as if you were just on a regular date and not in front of a camera. Zach and Misty actually met playing video games, so we thought it would be fun for them to have a date night at an arcade! And fun it was. I think arcade engagement photos may just be my new favorite thing!

Hanging out at Up-Down OKC was such a killer way to start off this engagement session on a playful, creative note, taking photos in front of the neon lights, the bright colors, and in the eclectic fun-filled atmosphere. Zach and Misty took full advantage of the date night vibes, stopping to play almost every dang game from skee ball to old-school Frogger! (Speaking of skee ball—how adorable is that shot of Misty’s ring literally just chillin’ on top of a ball? Should this be the new ring shot trend?)

These arcade photos were made even better by Zach and Misty’s killer outfits that brought all the 80’s vibes & matched the laid-back, retro environment perfectly. They both rocked light-wash, straight-leg jeans with those classic rips down the sides, plus black tops and chunky white shoes. Your engagement photos will be beautiful no matter what, as long as the two of you feel totally relaxed and natural interacting with each other, but a pair of solid outfits and a unique location like this arcade really does kick it up a notch🔥And being that we were at an arcade & bar, Zach and Misty absolutely snagged a few slices of pizza before we headed out. Once again, they were absolute pros at letting go of any pressure from the camera and just doing whatever the heck they would normally do together on a night like this.

A magical evening at Southwind Hills

I’m not quite sure how these two managed to take it from cool-kids retro vibes to elegant and whimsical so quickly, but they sure did just that. Zach and Misty are getting married at Southwind Hills later this year, which is a gorgeous luxury barn venue a little south of Norman, OK, and the venue was kind enough to let us shoot on their property for a little while! I definitely recommend shooting some of your engagement photos at your wedding venue if you’re able to, especially if you weren’t able to visit it in-person before booking it; this way, you get the chance to freely explore the property and start envisioning your dreams coming to life!

Anyway—back to these two cuties. When I tell you that the light, the trees, and the weather absolutely came through for us for Zach and Misty’s session, I mean it came. Through. I mean, have you ever seen such gorgeous, glowy, dappled light shining through the trees onto an equally gorgeous couple? They looked extra angelic in their semi-formal outfits featuring shades of beige, tan, and white that stood out beautifully among the greenery! Misty wore the most whimsical thigh-length, bridal-esque dress with long, loose sleeves that effortlessly matched her adorable white floral nails, and Zach kept it classy with a long-sleeve white top, tan pants, and those same white sneakers that worked so well in the arcade. 

Watching them dance, snuggle, and walk hand-in-hand through the lush forest was the sweetest ever, and eventually we made our way to an open, grassy field for some sunset picnic vibes—which gave us some of my favorite photos of the day! Just look at that deliciously-golden light pouring from the sky onto their faces, the field behind them, and the trees swaying in the breeze above where they sat. You can’t tell me that this sweet scene doesn’t look like it came straight from the pages of a romance novel!

Whimsical Tangled-inspired engagement photos

And as if the rest of this day wasn’t already incredible enough, these two worked with me to create some really cool night portraits that I will simply never, ever get over. Misty and Zach said “Tangled-inspired” and I said “hold my beer.” We meandered on over from the field to the beautiful little pond amidst the rolling hills of the venue, and they ever-so-casually got into a canoe as if they shared a romantic canoe ride every dang day. And here’s where the magic came in: Zach and Misty held their little lanterns in the canoe, and placed a bunch of other little ones along the shore to re-create that iconic scene from Tangled—and I about died from the romance that was just oozing out of the scene in front of me. Soft, glowing light? A beautiful little pond under the dark night skies? And an amazing couple who was down to get creative + have fun with it? Check, check, and check. What a stunning way to end an amazing session with Zach and Misty!

Oklahoma City Engagement Photographer

Well hey there! Now that you’ve fallen totally in love with this session like I have, I’d love to switch the focus to you and hear what you’re dreaming up for your own Oklahoma City engagement session! Whether you want to hit up an arcade like Zach and Misty did, lounge around on a blanket in the grass and munch on a cheese-filled charcuterie board, or just spend some time exploring the city, let’s create a session that feels so right to you. Take a peek at my Oklahoma City engagement packages + pricing if you wanna get down to the nitty-gritty right away, or fill out my contact form & let’s grab a coffee/beer!

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