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Sam + Max | An intimate in-home session in Oklahoma City

Sam has been my best friend since high school. She’s been my guinea pig over the years for different photoshoots and we’ve really, truly grown together. She’s definitely seen my photography improve. I’ve watched Sam grow so sure of herself and into an incredibly humble, kind, and thoughtful friend and human. *wiping tears* 
Then she found Max. 
And then two wonderful, thoughtful, kind humans found each other and decided to start a life together. Yep, my best friend is getting married. And to someone who really treasures her and her weirdness. Someone who embraces her weirdness and is equally weird, silly and goofy (I mean this in the best way, Max). And most of all, a partner who wants to take care of her. I am just really, really happy for them both. Later this month, I’ll be traveling to Portland, OR with them to witness them get married. I’m really excited to see that.

We had this impromptu in-home session a few months ago because I was really wanting to challenge myself and take photos inside someone’s home. Turns out it’s really no challenge when your friends are fun, playful, CUTE, and romantic together.
I think Sam will agree with me here; she’s always been kind of awkward on our previous guinea pig photo shoots and doesn’t ever really know what to do. When I took photos of her and Max together, they were so natural. Incredibly natural. Hardly needing ANY direction from me whatsoever. I think you can see that below. And I think it’s a testament to how comfortable, safe and loved she’s found herself with Max. <3

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