Where to elope in Oklahoma

June 23, 2020

June 23, 2020

Where to elope in Oklahoma

My favorite locations around the state for your elopement or intimate, outdoor wedding

Why might you want to have your elopement in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma might not be able to boast the scenic mountain backdrop of Colorado or the intense desert landscape of Joshua Tree, but we have some BEAUTIFUL and scenic spots that are within a few hours of the metro, are budget-friendly, and that can easily be your gorgeous wedding day backdrop. Oklahoma’s got game — maybe you just haven’t seen it yet.

I think if you have read my blog or my website, you’ll know that I strongly encourage couples to plan their wedding day totally their way, with intention, and thought about what they really love doing together. I’ve talked a bit about eloping and about smaller intimate weddings and why you should consider them. I also want everyone to know that even if you don’t plan to take off to a bucket-list destination for your elopement or intimate wedding, eloping in Oklahoma offers beautiful, affordable options for your perfect wedding day.

So without any further ado, I’ll list a few of my favorite options on eloping in Oklahoma below. Enjoy!

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Not only is the southeast corner of our state lush and gorgeous, but it also has the advantage of many lodging options in the area. If you’ve always imagined an intimate, outdoor wedding with room for your family and friends to stay– you should definitely begin your search in this part of the state.

Lago Vista Cabin

One place to check out is the Lago Vista Cabin, which boasts scenic views, 8 bedrooms with their own en-suite, and a dining area that can seat up to 26!

Imagine being able to hang out around the pool with friends and family, stay a few nights, say your vows on a private, gorgeous deck overlooking the lake, and sit down to a sunset meal together!

There are so many cabins for rent in the Broken Bow area, and they’re all close to, or even inside of, beautiful Beaver’s Bend State Park. Some of the lodges boast amazing lake views and plenty of room for your family or guests to stay. Beaver’s Bend State Park is definitely one of my favorite state parks in Oklahoma! There are a ton of BnBs and cabin lodging in the area, and an intimate weekend wedding getaway in the woods sounds pretty awesome if you’re asking me. S’mores? Ohhh yes, I’m there! If you’re looking for a lot of room, be sure to check out Beavers Bend Lake Lodge for suite lodging for up to 40.

For a truly off-the-grid experience, check out the Cliffhouse Cabin. A quiet place to get away from it all, with stunning views overlooking Broken Bow Lake.

Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Not exactly a state park, but a great outdoor area of our state, nonetheless. Nestled in the southwest part of the state, a short drive from Hobart, Quartz Mountain Nature Park offers a rocky counterpart to the lush hills the southeastern part of the state.

You can set your sights on Baldy Point, which is located on the western end of the Wichita Mountain range and rises 300 feet above the prairie. Trek along the New Horizon trail to say your vows and elope at the point overlooking lake Altus-Lugert. Less adventurous hikers can still enjoy the less strenuous trails throughout the park, and the trail that climbs the face of Quartz Mountain still offers hikers the ultimate reward: incredible views. 

If you’d like to bring your friends and family along, not only does Quartz Mountain have a resort with room for you and your guests to stay, but any of the large decks, patios, or even the natural stone could be amazing backdrops for your ceremony with family in attendance.

Check out the Quartz Mountain Resort website to view the available amenities, bookable spaces, and rooms and accommodations. The resort even has wedding packages available, should you want their assistance in planning and providing extra services for your day.

Osage Hills State Park

Just west of Bartlesville in northeast Oklahoma, Osage State Park is like having the best of both worlds: Lush, rolling landscape with rocky bluffs and rivers that run through them.

With cabins nestled into the hilly terrain and new glamping options available for rent, couples who prefer “roughing it” for their wedding experience over some creature comforts might be more interested in what this park has to offer.

Glamp out in one of the Osage Hills canvas wall tents! These would be the perfect spot for relaxing and getting ready for the day together before trekking through the scenic hills and bluffs.

You can reserve camping spots and one of the few stone cabins by visiting the online reservation page, here.

Robbers Cave State Park

Nestled in the San Bois Mountain range in southwest Oklahoma, I’d say Robbers Cave State park rivals my love for Beaver’s Bend. And for good reason, I love beautiful, lush, hilly hiking, and I also love how close these two are to towns, so that lodging, food, etc are all easily accessible when you’re thinking of eloping or having an intimate wedding there.

Accommodations at Robbers Cave State Park include a lodge, cabins, a lake hut, yurts (YURTS!! You’ll have to book by contacting the main office), and two group camp facilities if you feel like group camping. Honestly, this sounds super fun and I want to photograph your wedding if you’re camping! In addition to cabins and campground in the park, There are 20 rooms available at the Belle Starr View Lodge, which boasts an impressive view of Coon Creek Lake and the green valley below it, if you’re looking for more accommodations in the area.

Visit TravelOK’s page on Robbers Cave State Park to view amenities and to book lodging.

Don’t forget about vacation rentals!

If you’re planning your intimate wedding or elopement and want the guarantee of amenities and space, don’t forget about rental houses! Can you believe THIS place is in Oklahoma?

BnBs are great options to consider for lots of space and the guarantee of your most basic amenities. Not to mention that the price tag for an entire weekend is already significantly less than what you would spend on a typical wedding venue for one day.

Check out this list of the most unique AirBnB’s in each state, and let your imagination for your day run wild!

Keep in mind that most bigger BnBs and rentals are typically outside of Oklahoma City.

A few other tips

If your plans include a wedding in a state park, always be sure to visit the park’s website for travel information, permit information, and reservation information on campsites, cabins, and even outdoor spaces. If your wedding will take place outdoors, always follow leave no trace guidelines–leave no trash, stay on designated trails, and respect the space. After all, we want to have weddings there because the space is so beautiful — make sure you help keep it that way!

If your marriage will be in a different county than where you live, always make sure to visit that county’s website or call their office to make sure you get your marriage license with no issues! If you obtain your license from Oklahoma County, it’s good for up to 10 days from the date issued. Always chat with your county clerk if you have any questions on paperwork.

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If you’re planning to elope in Oklahoma or have an intimate wedding in Oklahoma and need some help, have some questions, or just don’t know where to start… shoot me an email! I love helping my couples identify unique ways to celebrate and plan their dream day, their way.

And if you’re looking for an amazing photographer to capture your dream day, look no further. I think you’re in the right place. 😉 Get in touch and let’s get to planning!